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Case study: the murder-a court at the same time: the case of Robert Ben Rhoades

The case of Robert Ben Rhoades is an excellent example of the type and nature when VICAP services provide critical assistance and support. Rhoades is considered one of the most dangerous criminals and sex famous serial murderers and the United States. Some researchers believe is responsible for at least 50, but perhaps hundreds of deaths. However, it has been guilty of murder of which he is serving a life sentence.

Rhoades was a professional long-haul trucker, and his case dramatically illustrates the complexity of a criminal predator who really can defy the law taking advantage of the fragmentation police services, separate and disconnected data resources and research methods that are incompatible.

On April 1, 1990, Trooper Mike Miller an Arizona highway patrol, observed a semi truck parked on the shoulder of I-10. As Miller approached the vehicle to provide assistance, looked into of the 18-Wheeler and noted a jump, nude, white women in the sleeper cab. A type of horse and the tab is at the mouth of the terrified victim, who was chained to the truck. Also in the litter was Robert Ben Rhoades, who, when surprised by the advance of the captain, immediately left the truck and tried to convince Miller that nothing had happened. Rhoades said that the demonstrations have been discovered and a private matter of consensus.

While Miller has tried to sort the situation, Rhoades placed under arrest when he discovered Rhoades was in possession of a loaded 25 caliber automatic pistol (Brandel, 1966). Rhoades placed the soldier in the vehicle and secured with seat belts. When Miller had found on the victim and returned to the selection of cars Rhoades was able to get the belt off and slide his hands cuffed in front of him. Miller asked if he had a key Rhoades wives, which was answered affirmatively Rhoades. Miller took the keys, handcuffed Rhoades back to back and waist, and remained with him until security guards arrived at the scene to assist.

After the terrified victim (more Pennal later identified as Lisa) was released, she told her story of abduction and torture. She said he had accepted a ride in Rhoades a coffee shop in Buckeye, Arizona. While it was difficult Pennal interview and spoke in broken sentences, investigators learned of their transient lifestyle and current drug abuse. The researcher noted that if she wore a skirt and shirt, feet, wearing shoes designed only as a cartoon tiger.

The victim said she had fallen asleep in bed to wake as Rhoades was handcuffed and ankles. She said Rhoades beaten with whips, tied a chain around his neck, attached spring clips of her nipples and vagina type. It is not known how long Pennal Lisa Rhoades had been kept in this torture chamber, but said the injury on his body several events flogging and torture. During this test, Pennal said Rhoades did girls and women aged 15 years.

Although Rhoades was handcuffed and arrested, he remained calm. He served as the mental capacity of the victim and tried to get the investigator to sympathize with him as he has described as the aggressor in the case, referring to it as a lot lizard. "Alva Busch Rhoades cited in the book Roadside Prey:" I can say, this girl is not playing with a set Rhoades complete laughed, as if someone told a joke. . "It is not packed too tightly," Rhoades laugh, do not fuck with women on the road. No, unless want your dick to fall, OK? . . . She wanted to go to bed. . . . I was on the anchor. She returned to bed. He said, "Go." She began to undress, and I said, 'What the $% ^ & y me voy "(1996, pp. 58-62).

The victim, who was hysterical at times, showed signs of abuse physical and sexual abuse, corroborating his story of enchantment. Rhoades began to crumble explanation that the researchers found large amounts of pornography type of material bondage and sexual assault in his truck. Rhoades has not been supported by the evidence.

During the subsequent investigation, search warrants were done in the semi-truck and residence of Robert Ben Rhoades "in Houston, Texas. The results of the investigation revealed a briefcase with whips, handcuffs, spring clamps, a dildo, various items of clothing for women, different procedures, and several photographs of a young white woman in different poses, naked and covered both partially.

Polaroid photographs were several women in "convertible" cars, apparently taken from inside the truck cab that women in the past by road. These photos were seized in the Houston apartment Rhoades. There were also photographs of a particular victim (a girl) in the sleeper cab of the truck, outdoors and in an abandoned warehouse type structure. In this set of photographs, the victim was handcuffed, shackled and posing with a dildo and had the spring clips type attached to the nipples.

The boy in the photos has not been identified to the case of Robert Ben Rhoades is concerned. Then, on September 29, 1990, the decomposed body of a young woman was found in an abandoned barn near Greenville, Illinois. The cause of death was determined to ligature strangulation. The victim was later identified as 14-year-old Regina Walters. Walters has been reported as a fugitive from Pasadena, Texas, near 8 months before his body was discovered. At the time of the initial report of the missing, Walters had been with a man of 18 named Ricky Lee Jones. The two were hitchhiking in New Mexico. Ricky Lee Jones has not been resolved as of this writing.

Interestingly, researchers working on the case and investigators Rhoades working in the Walters case Texas and Illinois have each independently of each other. Finally, fax and National databases, they started working together.

Unfortunately, Robert Ben Rhoades will remain an episode of "only" until September 28, 1991, when he was linked with the death of Regina Kay Walters. No photos Ricky Lee Jones Rhoades collection, but there was no log entry in a small notebook found in Rhoades possession "at the time of his arrest that says," Ricky is a dead man "(Evidence, 1990). The police also recovered several items of clothing that belonged to Walters in possession of Robert Ben Rhoades (1990).

Reflecting on the comment Rhoades he had been "doing this for 15 years," researchers examined more closely in their discs truckers. They found that killing the driver had traveled from the shores of the Pacific Ocean to the east coast of New Jersey. He traveled to Washington specifically Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia and Florida (Evidence, 1990).

Suddenly, the number of missing persons, unidentified bodies, and cases of homicide unresolved in each of these countries have taken on new meaning. Police have begun to exchange information on similar crimes and more generous than the victim, at any time before the incident. Since the case broke Rhoades, there were many missing persons and unsolved murder cases the award of Rhoades, but has only been prosecuted for the death of Regina Walters.

This episode "unique" while not forgotten, has joined the huge workload Detective Susan Trammell, who receive less research attention has cooled and the passage of time. During this same period, continued to travel from state Rhoades to another. As the saga rose Rhoades, information was discovered in another victim named Shana Holt, January 1990, which came in contact Rhoades a truck stop in San Bernardino California.

Shana Holt escaped Rhoades "torture and reported the incident frightening, as the events that Trooper Miller discovered. Holt was so scared that when Rhoades was facing the prospect of identifying him after he fled from his vehicle, then having to testify against him refused to cooperate more and the case was dismissed.

Other Similar situations were found to pass the time. application of the law in many parts of the States United had criminal kidnapping and possible murder charges against Rhoades based on comparisons and road. In each of these incidents, the various agencies first thought it was a unique event, which refers only to its jurisdiction. It was not until the last chapter of the saga was written Rhoades each agency realized that his "unique case" was the work of a sadistic serial rapist and murderer.

If Rhoades helped security forces throughout the United States to see, in graphic detail, the value to cooperate, communicate and coordinate their efforts to solve difficult criminal cases. If a better exchange of information and coordination has occurred, would have significantly reduced the number of victims who have been the prey of Robert Ben Rhoades (Cooper and King, 2001).

This case is discussed in detail in the most spectacular predators recently published book: Who are they and how to stop them (Cooper, King and HOCM, 2007). Also cited as a reference methodology with the case in the second edition of Criminal Behavior Analysis II (Cooper and King, 2001). Another test case is presented in the novel road True Crime Dam (Busch, 1996).


Cooper, G. Rey M, MR, and HOCM, T. (2007). Predators: Who they are and how to stop them. Amherst NY: Prometheus.

Cooper, GM and King, M. (2001). Analyze criminal behavior and victimology: predators. Ogden, UT: IC Design: Instituto Scientific Research.

Busch, A. (1996). Dam Road. New York: Pinnacle Books.

The people of the State of Illinois v. Robert Ben Rhoades, No. 5-98-0821, (5th Court of Appeals for the District of Illinois. July 13, 2001). n

The coroner www.acfei.com EXAMINER Winter 2007

At issue Last Greg Cooper wrote about the Program Violent Criminal Apprehension (VICAP), explaining its purpose and mission. In this edition, presents a study case showing how VICAP can help solve crimes.

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S Mugshot Robert Ben Rhoades

(800) 423-9737 Winter 2007 LA Examiner

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States in which Rhoades was a suspect in the murders

Arizona: The only state that has been convicted Rhoades

The case Rhoades

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difficult cases criminals. "

In March 1991, Illinois State Police have received this letter from her mother Regina Walters


In September 1990, Illinois police found the remains Regina Kay Walters. Disappeared February 3, 1990, in Pasadena, Texas. Only fourteen at the time, and my only daughter. At that time, the police have not brought to justice the person who did this to my son. Even if you do not live in Illinois, this case must remain open. No death child should be abandoned. It could happen again.

At that time, police in Illinois asked us maintain this by media. We did that and more. Just because you have not heard of us say that I do not care. We try to give him time to find the murderer of Regina. Please do not give up. And if it was one of his sons? You could not rest easy knowing that someone is taking someone loves you, and I never thought I did not want to Regina, because she was beloved. So if you Please do not leave the search for the murderer of Regina Kay Walters.


Caroline Walters

(Busch, 1996 pp. 137-138)

About the author

ISBN 978-1-59102-506-1

The coroner www.acfei.com EXAMINER Winter 2007

Greg Cooper, MPA, FBI (retired) Chief of Police (retired), began his career in 1986 with the FBI criminal profile, the Seattle Division. Only a few years later was field coordinator for the Criminal Profiling Unit at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, and Los Angeles, CA. In 1990 he was promoted to Unit Profiles in Quantico, where he taught several courses at the prestigious FBI National Academy and oversaw VICAP. In 1995, Cooper became the Chief of Police in Provo. In Today, he enjoys teaching courses and serving as an expert witness.

(800) 423-9737 Los Angeles Examiner Winter 2007 – published by Robert L. O'Block

About the Author

The American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI) is an independent, scientific, and professional association representing forensic examiners and those interested in the diverse field of forensics worldwide.

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