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Mechanical Dildos

mechanical dildos

Food rabbit vibrators

The 19th century was a dark period in the sad history of female sexuality. Female sexuality is actually considered a form of hysteria, whose salary has been named an alarming hysterics. This only affected the vaginal hand massage by a member of the medical profession. What is a tedious job that must have been but I guess someone had to do it!

The workload was rapidly reduced by the invention of steam engine vibration that has been used by doctors to treat hysteria among women who must have been commonplace at the time. This device has not been easy hold and was then replaced by an electromechanical device designed and developed by a British physician named Joseph Mortimer in 1883.
The electric vibrator born.

In the years after women began to buy vibrators, exclusively for medical purposes, of course. The ads can be found in women's publications as early as 1910. These devices were mail order only and usually carried slogans such as "prevention of the disease, experience the wonders of the vibration.

In the decades that followed vibrators evolved and improved design. There were smaller, quieter and more have been recognized as powerful products designed and used for sexual gratification. 1000 different vibrators have occurred, but few have benefited from the huge success rabbit vibrators. Now is a consumer device, women from all walks of use and enjoyment of life. Talk openly to have fun with your rabbit. A phenomenon that appeared later in the highly successful television sex and the city where one of characters develop an addiction to his own rabbit vibrator.

What Rabbit Vibrators?

Rabbit vibrators are a type vibrating sex toy. It is identified by the vibration unit is in the form of vibration of complete rabbit with two ears and nose. Historically, it was a unique variant, one vibrating dildo called Jack Rabbit. However, due to the incredible success of this product now A wide range of products in different shapes and sizes, but they are all rabbit-style vibrator.

Why Rabbit Vibrators So Popular?

vibrating dildos vibrating dildos is available for many years, traditionally consisted of a tree with a vibrator mounted on the base. When used whole body shook with pleasure, though not target a specific region. If the user wants to use the vibrator for clitoral stimulation she needs to eliminate vibration in the vagina and the clitoris the lens manually.
The designers of the original Rabbit vibrator makes sense for the design of vibrating dildos. Montaron vibration in the drive side of the tree so that the clitoris vibrator directly affected, while the unit is inserted into the vagina. But the stroke of genius lies in the design vibrating unit itself may look cute, but the format is incredibly effective. The rabbit ears vibrate against the clitoral hood, ideal for women especially vulnerable and for those who want more direct stimulation of the rabbit's nose can be difficult to use directly on the clitoris.

The super rabbit vibrators

Today, there are many variants, the "super" varieties usually have a dozen speeds and preset programs. With these devices the user can really relax and let the rabbit do the job. However, it can be argued that the fundamental principles are the same device. Thirteen varieties are 99% of pleasure at a fraction of the cost.


This family of adult toys-handedly destroyed some taboos surrounding adult toys, even today. Women are not ashamed of rabbit vibrators, which no longer have to make an excuse possession such a device. They do it simply because they like to use them. The rabbit vibrator is that it is!

About the Author

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